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> HI Matthew:
> One possibility is the Caen quad amplifier that they made for BPMs.
> http://www.caenels.com/products/tetramm/
> Carlo

Yes, I second this recommendation, at least in general.  We've used caen
amplifiers with thin-foil BPMs for awhile and they're good at going pretty
fast (can definitely do 10 kHz) and giving a fairly low noise level.  Nice
features of the Tetramm include only two gain settings and the fact that it
streams out floating point numbers in Amps.  There is also decent Epics

I played with using one of these for ion chambers and it works pretty well
for large enough currents: the noise level on the lowest gain setting at
1kHz is around 0.7 pA, so it works well for measuring I0 of ~10 nA and
above.  So, I'm not sure how well it would work for doing feedback with
currents of 0.1 to 1 nA.    But, when I've talked to the Caen engineers
they've been very knowledgable and helpful.

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