I experienced the same problem but find out that in the ini file,  the wrong 
directory was used (strawberry as in older version) for locating the 
Once you correct it,  it will work.



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Objet : [Ifeffit] Demeter 0.9.26 launch faillure
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Dear Bruce,
I have trouble running the Demeter 0.9.26_pre2 (64bit). When I start
Artemis after installation of Demeter, it closes after showing nothing
but the usual temple picture. Logfile is attached. The problem is
analogous on both Win7 SP1 and Win8.1 and repeats also for Athena and
Hephaestus.  Could you please tell whether there is something I can do
to fix it? Versions 0.9.25 and 0.9.24 start without problems.

I know that 0.9.26 is a preview version, but I was installing it only to
get the possibility to actually use the user-supplied value of epsilon_k
for fitting multiple dataset. If it is difficult to make the version
0.9.26 available soon, maybe in 0.9.25 there is a possibility to set
R-factor as a figure of merit for fitting rather than chi^2? That might
also help.

Thank you

All the best,
Kirill Lomachenko

Dr. Kirill A. Lomachenko
Scientist at BM23/ID24 beamlines
European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF)
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