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On Tue, Feb 6, 2018 at 4:14 PM, Ravel, Bruce <bra...@bnl.gov> wrote:

> Matt,
> When Larch starts, what is meant by warnings like this:
>   No handlers could be found for logger "pyFAI.opencl.common"
> or
>   No handlers could be found for logger "pyFAI.gui.matplotlib"
> The first one went away by installing python's opencl interface -- a
> rather sizable prerequisite! I haven't figured out how to make the second
> one happy.

I see the first one on lots of machines.   It's an obnoxious warning
message from pyFAI about functionality we don't actually use.

I don't see the second one very often.  I suspect that is because it really
means "could not import one of the Python-Qt variations", which the pyFAI
GUI probably uses.
Again, we don't actually need this functionality in Larch, so it is an
obnoxious warning message.

Both warnings are harmless.

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