On 02/04/2018 12:50 PM, Sheraz Gul wrote:
            Thank you for the suggestions. I have other project files in the same folder and they open fine. Anyways, I  upgraded to Demeter version 0.9.26 pre 2 and somehow every project file opens fine now. Although, in the ini file,  I had to correct the paths corresponding to exe files for gunplot and feff; otherwise, Athena/Artemis will crash before opening.

Yesterday, I posted a new version of the Windows installer that should address the exe paths problem. I am pretty sure it is done correctly in the new installer. I was able to reproduce that problem on our beamline windows computer and I was able to verify that the new installer works (at least on that one computer).

This installer also addresses a number of other issues that have come up in the last year. Details are in the change log on the Demeter website.

I also made a new tag and new release on Demeter's github page.


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