Tim, Kathy,

I did not respond to Kathy's earlier email, and I apologize for letting it
falling off my radar screen.

FWIW, I do not see the same problem. I can read the file (with the Spec
plugin enabled) and plot the data.  There are 275 data points.   Reading
multi-column files from can be tricky (should we know which columns you
chose or what processing steps you took).   And spec files can cause no end
of trouble.  But from the screenshots aattached, it looks like maybe Time
meant to rebin the data.  Is that related to what Kathy was trying to do?

Perhaps you could explain what steps you took in reading the data file and
more clearly explain the problem?  Like, did you intend to re-bin the data?

For sure, the plot labeled as coming from PyMCA looks strange to me --- the
derivative of the data has clearly been smoothed from the raw data in the
file.  I don't know what to make of that.

Hope that helps,

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