Hi Matt,

the rebin screen was just to show the number of data points.

We used column 1 as energy and column 9 as numerator; data type ‘xanes’; no 
Overall we used identical parameters in 0.9.25 and 0.9.26

The “plan” is to do the standard calibration and normalization steps, but we 
lose data points by just importing the data. In the example Kathy sent, we go 
from 275 “real” points to 109 imported points.

This effect appears with all Spec files we have tested (measured at different 
times and to different beamlines -> different number of columns).

Importing data from FEFF and FDMNES works, we get the same number of points as 
in the ascii file.

I also tried the XAS Viewer in Larch (0.9.37), which read all points of the 
Spec file. I exported the data as Athena project and .csv
Importing the project file into Athena works and the “about current group” 
function shows 275 points. However, nothing can be plotted, the plot window 
stays on the overview from the import screen.
The csv file contains all 275 points, but importing to Athena again reduces it 
to 109 points.


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Tim, Kathy,

I did not respond to Kathy's earlier email, and I apologize for letting it 
falling off my radar screen.

FWIW, I do not see the same problem. I can read the file (with the Spec plugin 
enabled) and plot the data.  There are 275 data points.   Reading multi-column 
files from can be tricky (should we know which columns you chose or what 
processing steps you took).   And spec files can cause no end of trouble.  But 
from the screenshots aattached, it looks like maybe Time meant to rebin the 
data.  Is that related to what Kathy was trying to do?

Perhaps you could explain what steps you took in reading the data file and more 
clearly explain the problem?  Like, did you intend to re-bin the data?

For sure, the plot labeled as coming from PyMCA looks strange to me --- the 
derivative of the data has clearly been smoothed from the raw data in the file. 
 I don't know what to make of that.

Hope that helps,


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