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> Hello.
> Me and other people running windows 10 have problems with Athena
> (demeter version 0.9.26). when switching to the LCF window the program
> crashes.

I don't see that problem, and don't recall this being raised  before.
Perhaps I'm not using the same data as you or "other people"?   Or perhaps
it is because I am using Demeter 0.9.26 with Larch (with which I think
there may be numerical problems with LCF, but not crashes).

> I tested that indeed sometimes this happens when the list of data sets is
> long.
> However, it recently happened with only 3 data sets in the list.
> In one case Athena crashes at this same spot repeatedly.
> In other cases if works after restarting Athena or the PC.

Is it possible to post a project file that can cause this to happen?

> Is there a fix in sight or do I have to go back to windows7?

Well, phrased like that it seems pretty dire ;).   I don't know think we've
identified the cause of the problem yet.  Then again, it's hard to imagine
a question for which " downgrade to Windows7" is the answer.

> Thanks,
> Lisa
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