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On Mon, Apr 2, 2018 at 4:15 PM, Christopher Patridge <patri...@buffalo.edu>

> Hello everyone,
> I tried to install demeter on my mac (running high Sierra) and it appeared
> everything went well.  However when I run either Athena or Artemis I get an
> error shown below about Demeter::Templates: showing a error and I am not
> sure how I can correct this error.  Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks in advanced,

I can confirm this.  I just did a fresh install of Macports on 10.13.3
(high sierra).  The MacPorts install was not super easy, but once it got to
the demeter install, that part went fine.

I see the same problem with athena from demeter 0.9.25. I think the
warnings about "Demeter::Templates::F" and so forth are meant to be
warnings only -- I think they may not be related to the crash of athena.
For me, hephaestus gives the same sort of warnings, but runs fine.

I can install and run Demeter 0.9.26 (including using Larch as a backend)
using Macports, though there are definitely some Mac-specific weirdness.
Anyway, I do not believe that "install from source" is a feasible approach
for demeter on OSX. I do not know enough about Macports to update the
existing package.  I don't know that using some other system would be an

We keep seeing problems with demeter on OSX.   I'm not sure what the right
answer is.  Anyone have any suggestions?

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