One of the values of a mailing list is that past posts are archived and can be searched. This particular problem has -- I think -- been discussed many times in recent months.

You should go to the preferences and make sure the settings for the feff6 and gnuplot executables are set correctly for your new machine.

I am sorry this continues to be a problem. I am not with a lot of time for software development these days.

Also, an email that simply says "the program crashed" is not at all helpful. There is no way that you can expect me to understand the nature of the problem with such an insubstantial bug report. As I have asked many times, please consult this page for hints on how to write an actionable bug report.


On 07/11/2018 10:12 AM, wrote:
Hi, Bruce and Matt

We just transitioned to Window 10 yesterday. I just found that as I ran Artemis for EXAFS data fitting, it constantly crashed (stopped running) my computer, I am using Demeter 9:24 I believe, is it possible I need a new version, where is the link for latest version? Thanks.

Dien Li

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