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There are two openings for postdoctoral research associate positions,
described briefly below (for more details please contact me).

Position 1:
A postdoc will investigate novel electromechanical materials using NSLS-II
beamline facilities at Brookhaven National Laboratory, with primary
technique being X-ray absorption fine structure. This position will be in
Stony Brook University (located in close proximity to Brookhaven), under
the supervision of Prof. Anatoly Frenkel. Responsibilities will include
setting up new in situ operations for testing novel materials under applied
electric field, developing and applying fast timing methods (such as
modulation excitation spectroscopy), and collaborating with other
participants of the NSF-BSF funded US-Israel collaboration. Annual trips to
Israel for collaborative research will be required. Ph.D. in Physics,
Chemistry or Materials Science, and expert knowledge of XAFS experiment,
data analysis and modeling, documented in publications, are required.

Position 2:
Catalysis Center for Chemical Innovations (CCEI), an Energy Frontier
Research Center (EFRC) at the University of Delaware, is hiring a
postdoctoral research associate to work with multiple teams of catalysis
researchers of CCEI on XAFS projects. The postdoc will lead collaborative
efforts by helping develop synchrotron-based projects, plan experiments,
lead the visiting researchers in data collection, and work with CCEI groups
on subsequent publications. This position will be supervised jointly by
Profs. Anatoly Frenkel (Stony Brook U.) and Jingguang Chen (Columbia U.).
The postdoc will be stationed at Brookhaven National Laboratory and travel
several times a year to U. Delaware for collaborative meetings. The
background is recent Ph.D. in Chemistry or Materials Science. Strong
background in catalysis and XAFS measurements, data analysis and modeling
are expected.

Three names of professional references are required with the applications
that should include a cover letter describing prior experience and interest
in the position, and a CV with a list of publications. These materials
should be emailed to  with a subject line:
XAFS postdoc position.
Anatoly I. Frenkel
Department of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794, Ph: 631-632-2751

Joint Appointment:
Chemistry Department, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Upton, NY 11973. Ph: 631-344-3013. Group: 631-344-3494
Spokesperson, Synchrotron Catalysis Consortium (SCC) at BNL
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