Dear XAFS community,

I have got a problem with FEFF9 calculations of La and Eu XANES spectra with 
UNFREEZEF card (The calculation don't converge, but it runs without any 
problems if I do not use UNFREEZEF card). This problem does not depend on the 
chemical form of the element (i.e. it occurs in La2O3, EuPO4,  LaTp3, EuTp3, 
where Tp is trispyrazolylborate) and seems to be element-specific: the same 
feff.inp files where La/Eu are replaced with Ce or U are processed by FEFF 
program without the problem. 

To note, SCF settings were the same as recommended in the FEFF9.6 manual: SCF 
3.7 0 30 0.05 10.

Logfile (log1_er.dat), as well as an example of an input file (feff_er.inp), 
are attached to this mail.

The fragment of logfile reporting about the error is shown below:

Electronic configuration
iph il N_el
0 0 1.683
Found bad counts.
Occupation number in getorb is 4.000
Will repeat this iteration.
0 1 7.372
0 2 10.521
Found bad counts.
Occupation number in getorb is 1.000
Will repeat this iteration.
0 3 0.727
3 3 0.000
Core-valence separation
Bad counts found repeatedly - pot will exit now.

Did anyone notice anything similar?

Thanks for any help,
Zasimov Pavel

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