Hi Folks,

It's been a few months since the last release, but Larch 0.9.72 is now
There have been several fixes and a few new features.

The XAS analysis GUI application has been renamed from the rather dull name
of "XAS Viewer" to "Larix" (the genus of trees for the Larch family).

We (well, mostly Mauro Rovezzi and others at ESRF) put in a lot of effort
over the summer to generate FDMNES inputs from structural information (CIF
files, structural information from the Materials Project).  This effort to
convert structure information to input files for  Feff, FDMNES, etc. has
been evolving over the past several months, and there will probably be more
done on this in the coming months.  If you are interested in getting
involved, let us know.

There are new binary installer scripts for Windows, MacOS, and even Linux,
and the "GetLarch" scripts have been updated too.  These all will now
install a Python 3.11 environment.  Although installation is not fast, it
is somewhat faster than it has been in the past due to using the Mamba
variation of the Anaconda Python tools.

More release notes are at

If you have a fairly recent version of Larch installed, you should be
informed that a new version is available, and be prompted to install or run
the Larch Updater script.

Let us know if you have any troubles with this version or questions,
comments, or suggestions for improvements!

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