Hi Alex,

On Thu, 13 Jul 2017 11:43:12 -0700, Alex Montgomery wrote:
> I've been porting some social network labs to igraph from Pajek, and I've
> up against an importing error:
> Not sure whether this is a bug or an error due to an unimplemented part of
> Pajek files.

Good guess - indeed optional time intervals as given in your example are
currently not implemented. I added them to the code and just created a pull
request for the patch (https://github.com/igraph/igraph/pull/1023). With
your sample data it runs through like a charm here.

Please note that this is just the first step, because what the patch does
not do is to process the parsed data. The implementation of that second step
I rather leave with Támas and Gábor.

> Thanks
> -Alex

HTH. Just drop a line if that works, e.g., in case the patch gets approved
and then pushed through github. If you can manage to get the patch working
on your machine, happy to hear if it works or not.


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