On Thu, 10 Aug 2017 00:17:09 -0700, Alex Montgomery wrote:
> Terrific, thanks. I tried pulling the new files, incorporating into rigraph, 
> and
> recompiling, but something about my setup throws an error. I figured out a
> workaround in the meantime (import through sna, use intergraph), but glad
> to see that a patch has been committed

Great - glad to hear all that. Please keep testing.

> Cheers
> -Alex

BTW: For Pajek files a comment starts with the percentage sign character ('%') 
and continues to the end of the line. Thus you can add comments or some 
documentation regarding the data covered by the file. Best to use pure comment 
lines starting with '%' only and avoiding '%' in any text field to be on the 
safe side.


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