Hi All,
I have a somewhat unconventional challenge that I'm trying to think through
in igraph for R.

I have a list of 23 bipartite igraph objects - they are the same node set
but not every node appears in every graph. These are basically waves of a
longitudinal network where not every vertex appears in every year. So the
graphs in the list are of different sizes. This list is called bipnetlist
and consists of 23 elements which are each igraph objects.

What I want to do is create a vertex.attribute to flag whether the vertex
ever appeared in the main connected component in any of the waves. I've
already created a vertex.attribute flag for each year for whether the
vertex appears in the main component for that year:

for (i in 1:length(bipnetlist)) {
  cl <- components(bipnetlist[[i]], mode="weak")
  V(bipnetlist[[i]])$"cluster" <- cl$membership == which.max(cl$csize)

I'm trying to think through how I can create a vertex.attribute flag on
these graphs that indicates whether the vertex *ever *appeared in the main
component in any of the 23 graphs.

Any ideas would be helpful.

Richard Benton
Assistant Professor
University of Illinois
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