Good Afternoon,

I am having some difficulty visualizing a network using the igraph package in R.

I "inherited" a csv file with data that  has information on people attending 
events. The table has a few columns about the attendees (id, group they belong 
to, department they belong to) and then the rest of the columns are the events. 
It creates a table of 1's and 0's, depending on who attended which event.

I managed to transform it into a matrix (by excluding the columns that have 
attributes, which I wish I didn't have to do) and convert it into an adjacency 
table, but with 118 people and 34 events (all of which will increase) the plot 
created by igraph is impossible to read, as most people cluster into 2 groups. 
I have reduced the size of the nodes but you still cannot see the edges and 
their weight.

I have never done this type of visualization before but have used R for stats 
and ggplot2 for graphing.

Most posts about networks I have been reading have separate files for nodes and 
edges, not tables like mine, and I am not sure how to convert my csv table into 
those separate files. And then, visualizing the network in such a way that I 
can zoom in on the clusters and see what they actual represent, and use the 
attributes as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Any help would be appreciated!


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