2010/8/16 Thyagarajan தியாகராஜன் <citizenof...@gmail.com>

> >Kindly enlighten me how to download boss code and compile it from scratch
> >then!!.

Hi Thyagarajan,

BOSS is not an application to compile it from source/scratch. BOSS is an
operating system, it has a kernel, applications like pidgin/open office/vlc
etc. What i believe BOSS guys are doing is, packaging these applications and
releasing it as an operating system.

If you want to see the source code of vlc and compile it from scratch/source
you can very well do it from the resources available at

What BOSS folks don't have is a public account,package,build,update system
where people can contribute. In Fedora we have these infrastructure
installed and ready for people's  contribution. I hope BOSS folks build this
infrastructure soon to enable community contribution.

Arun S.A.G
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