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> where by women can accept men as they are and STILL come forward
> and make a difference rather than "be in the stand and comment".

Which nicely removes all responsibility from you, and allows you to say,
with a straight face, that the problem is because women are unwilling to
accept men or "come forward" to make a difference. Right?

> So women can crib OR make a difference to LUG as a whole group + Linux.

Crib? *Crib*?

You call it cribbing when someone responds honestly to a direct question
about why women find it uncomfortable to participate in LUG activities?
You don't think the subject "makes a difference" to the LUG?

> My request and invitation is for women to accept men as they are
> and step forward and play in then LUG field and make an enormous
> difference.

Your "request and invitation" (more like a diktat, really) are out of
touch with reality, and offensive in the extreme. Women don't need to
"accept" anything to "make a difference" to Linux. If the LUG behaves
in a manner which women prefer to not get involved in, then they will
continue to not get involved in it.

And you, not they, would be responsible.

-- ams

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