> 3. Perhaps I don't need to respond to the remark
> about women having to
> accept men as they are- it has been responded to.
> But I just want to
> make the point that it is the kind of remark that is
> enough to make a
> woman want to withdraw from the list. No woman is
> obliged to accept any
> man for what he is. (And vice versa). That remark
> illustrates the
> attitude that men are god's gift to womankind. I am
> very sorry to
> disillusion you, but they are most certainly NOT

I cant begin to comprehend the limited vision with
which the context of my statment is understood. :)
Well if this is the way individuals have an
understanding, so be it...I Accept their level of

No more "social cause" statments from me. :)


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