Dear Abhijit and Hassath,

I wanted to say that Nitin may have a point there.
Nitin has mentioned that what he intended to say is
not what you understood from his email. Now, we know
that language has its limitations and words are prone
to misinterpretation, reinterpretation ...whatever
(there you are, I'm out of words :-). And believe it
or not, such examples abound where words don't
accurately convey what a person means.

As in cricket, I hope you will have the generosity of
spirit to extend the benefit of doubt and take Nitin
on his word. I myself have no doubts about the
intentions of anyone on this list. Everyone wants to
have an atmosphere that is conducive to discussion and
learning and where everone is comfortable
participating.  And we are discussing how to turn that
want into a reality.

But I do think that we need to focus on the larger
issue and not on what some individuals may or may not
have meant. If in doubt, clarifications should be
asked for and accepted and people should certainly not
be thanked *pointedly* for withdrawing from the

Such deviation from the issue may succeed in making
several people uncomfortable, and strangely enough
that is the problem that this thread set out to solve.

Prashant Verma

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> > No more "social cause" statments from me. :)
> Excellent. Thank you for your cooperation.
> -- ams
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