On Friday 01 Apr 2011, Vikas Rawal wrote:
> > L1 and hopefully L2 support will be handled within the
> > organisation.  T and I have been working on documenting standard
> > procedures, and in the past 2 months or so most of them have been
> > handed over to the client's support team, along with some scripts
> > that make life easier for them
> Do you/company plan to make some of this documentation available for
> use to wider community or will they be only for the company? I would
> think a lot of people would be interested in such documentation.

Well, a lot of the documentation is specific for our client's 
operations, and I doubt if we'd be allowed to release that, and even if 
we were it would be of limited usefulness to anyone else.  Apart from 
that there is some documentation on setting up various types of systems; 
now that we could hypothetically release, but again there's tons of 
client-specific stuff embedded into that.

In general, then, the answer to your question would be "no".  However, I 
really haven't examined the docs with a microscope so far to see which 
would be generic enough to release (and be useful), so I guess we could 
take the decision on a case by case basis -- if the opportunity comes up 
to solve a problem by sharing a doc, and if the doc is generic enough, 
we'd have no problem in releasing it.

The real issue here is that one of the things the client paid us to do 
was document.  I see no easy way to take those commissioned documents 
and release them generally without the client's consent.

In any case Tirveni and I are available to share whatever we've learnt 
if anyone asks a specific related question.


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