On Friday 01 Apr 2011, Yashpal Nagar wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 1, 2011 at 4:19 PM, Manish 
> > This is great.  Congratulations!  Are you also planning to document
> > the experience and approach as a case study suitable for PHBs?
> > Looking forward to see it in the likes of DQ, PCQ, LFYs, Profit
> > etc.
> It is amusing to read the whole story of FOSS's ability and the
> potential it have. The complete debian desktop within 10min over the
> network with only a network port as requirement is panacea for the
> industry like 'call centres' where bringing up the machine ASAP is
> always high on demand. I'm sure you must have done some tailoring
> while deciding on the packages to have in the image, please share
> some details on that as well.

Once again, sorry to dash cold water on expectations (though with the 
mercury rising cold water isn't such a bad thing!), but we /are/ bound 
by verbal NDAs to the client.  Whatever is generic (and doesn't take too 
much effort to put into publishable form) can be shared.  Whatever is 
specific to the client, or reveals aspects of his operations or 
strategy, is absolutely confidential... I wouldn't want to breach 
anyone's trust, and I'm sure you wouldn't want me to do that either.

I apologise for us coming off as information hoarders (though I do 
believe that whatever we've done and are doing is aligned with the 
spirit and intent of freedom in software); on the other hand, when we 
agreed to do the project we made a commitment to the client, and that is 
not a commitment that we can retrospectively withdraw from.  The only 
alternative was to not make the commitment and not do the project, but 
WTH, if we hadn't done the project this discussion wouldn't have arisen 

Thanks for all the congratulations, folks!  After the money <g> they 
make life in the FOSS world worth living :)


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