Raju Mathur said on Fri, Apr 01, 2011 at 10:22:09PM +0530,:

 > Once again, sorry to dash cold water on expectations (though with the 

I fully agree and concur with the need to protect the client's privacy
/ terms of contract.

I hope you will be able to give some answers to the following specific

1. Debian has 3 sections - "main", "non-free" and "contrib". The
   classification is based on licensing /and/ freeness of
   dependencies. Apart from hardware specific packages, anything that
   is not in Debian?

2. Debian takes pride in packaging anything with a free (as in
   freedom) license. Did you have to customise any package? (in any
   way - like recompile against a specific library version; rebuild a
   kernel,e tc) ?

Aw - I recall a post you made long time back about a samba installation. ;-D

3. What was the documentation about? As you have rightly pointed, the
   community has no use for documentation on things like reducing /
   elevating user privileges within the installation.  Or how they
   manage the sudoers group.

Actually, I should confess that you had to do any documentation at all
- I do an occasional single PC install, and most of documentation is
available on the F! key.  But of course, we are not comparing cats and

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