Hi there: My wife is trying to install a new touch-screen monitor for a very 
unusual application she uses. The old monitor was just too big for the space 
available. From what I understand, the new monitor (Planar PT1945R) works fine 
except for the touchscreen functionality. I was just on the phone with the 
Planar folks, who said that there are actually two different drivers to 
install, one from Planar and another from an outfit called UPDD (it seems the 
Mac is very unfriendly about touch-screen technology…). He also said it would 
be very useful to remove the driver for the old touch-screen monitor (made by 

My question is this: where do I find that old driver? I have never understood 
how the Mac sets up the libraries with all that stuff in them.

As always, my thanks in advance!


Bill Spencer in Maryland
Mac Mini 2.6 GHz i5/10.11.6

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