I recently got a message supposedlly from my ISP saying I had some bad 
malware and they were quarantining me and would freeze my computer.  They 
gave me a number to call to get the problem fixed.  I didn't believe it so 
I contacted Apple and they gave me a link to Malwarebytes.  I ran it on my 
os10.11 drive and it said it cleaned it out.  But I only have 10.11 to 
enable my iPhone to talk to the iTunes on the iMac.  My main software is on 
my 10.7.5 drive.  So on my 10.7 drive I get the same message this morning.  
I contact Apple and they say I am out of warranty and I will have to pay 
$180 to have them fix it.  I asked if there was any software that I could 
use to clean my Mac out and prevent it from happening again.  They said 
there isn't.  They also said reformatting the drive would not fix the 

So- Is there software out there that is good stuff and will enable me to 
fix the problem and help to keep it from happening again?  I have seen 
various ads for this kind of software but I am loath to trust some random 


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