I have an iMac (Flat Panel) from 2002 (aka The Lamp). Bought it some years 
ago and replaced the hard disk with an SSD. It was working fine the last 
time I used it. But I haven't been using it from quite some time. Last boot 
up was 2-3 years ago.

When I try to boot it now, it just won't. I get a gray screen.

Pressing option gets me to the boot manager. There are no drives shown 
there. Inserting a macOS installer disc changes nothing.

Reset PRAM, no luck. Can boot into open firmware. But booting from there 
results also in the gray screen.

Then I thought it might be the drives or their connection. I removed them 
from the iMac and connected then (with the iMac cable) to another computer 
and they work fine there.

Anyone any idea why the iMac stopped recognizing any drive? Are there parts 
in the the iMac that can go bad (no battery leakage) over the years and 
need replacing?

Regards Juergen

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