Hello all,

Has anyone managed to get IMail 10.01 to install on Windows Web Server 2008?
I have been trying to migrate our Imail server from a rapidly decaying W2K
Server to new server hardware running Web Server 2008, but keep ramming my
head against a wall early on in the install when it insists that I don't
have a web page running in IIS (but as near as I can tell, the default page
is up and running).

Web Server 2008 comes with IIS7 and MS in their wisdom seems to have
shuffled the location of all the settings to the 4 corners of the Earth, so
tracking down what might be wrong with the setup is proving a major

For the time being I've reverted the server setup back to the old hardware,
but I really need to migrate it soon before the hardware spews out the last
of the magic white smoke.

I've hunted through the KB articles on Ipswitch's help page to little avail.
Referencing Vista or IIS7 in my search results in a long blank stare. So,
any help at all is appreciated.

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TV One, 1350 Jamike Drive, Erlanger, KY, 41018, USA

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