Chuck Schick wrote:
> I would like to route spam that people receive to a spam folder on the
> server.  It would be great is there was a program that could periodically
> (daily) scan the spam folder and send an email to the mailbox owner to tell
> them what was caught in the spam folder.  It would be great if they could
> click on a link to move the email to their main mail box.
I do something like this with Imail and ASSP.  There is a copy-all the
sends spam to a designated address.  Often this is done to send a copy
to services such as spamcop, but I send it to a separate server (running
h-Mail) with but one account (my rationale is that I see no reason to
burden Declude or the Queue Manager).  Those few that I find (and I will
confess that even with scanning I do miss ham messages) I pass on.

> We are running Imail 8.22.  Anyone know of something like this?
> I posted this on the declude list also - one person had something like this
> but it needs more development.
> Chuck Schick
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