>I briefly toyed with something like what the OP is looking for. I had another 
>server in front of Imail, running SpamAssassin. Changed the domain's MX 
>records to point to the SpamAssassin box, Then, I had that other server 
>rewrite the recipient envelope on incoming email, so that anything it thought 
>was spam would be re-sent to, say, "[EMAIL PROTECTED]". Then I let Imail 
>automatically put "spam" into a separate folder on the server. The problem I 
>ran into was, at the time, I couldn't figure out how to get Imail to 
>automatically clear out that spam folder, so everyone's mailboxes hit their 
>quota in a couple days, because of all the spam.


I run a similar setup with spamassassin boxs in front of imail.  You can 
automate a clean up on spam mailboxes with a scheduled task so mailboxs do not 
fill up.  In a .bat file place the following and schedule it to run every day 
in the early morning hours, or when ever your traffic is lightest.

"d:\imail\immsgexp.exe -td:\imail -d14 -mspam.mbx"

This removes messages older than 14 days in the spam mailboxes only.

Korey Verlsteffen

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