Hi John,

Yes, I know that IIS has the HTTP logs and I can use a third party tool to
generate web statistics for the site - but that's not what we're talking
about here.

It makes no sense for CANALYZE to include reports that don't work! Removing
those reports and simply and pointing to IIS logs doesn't address the issue,
because IIS logs only log HTTP requests NOT "application level" events.
Also, IIS doesn't track logged in users, because every IMail user
impersonates through the IIS anonymous. So - I can't possibly get a
breakdown of activity level "per user" or "per hosted domain".

Whats necessary is that their .NET code has to create IMail log files for
the application events (such as logon successes, userids, logon failures
etc) - so that CANALYZE CAN give me a FULL reporting of the system's
activities, which complements the identical type of logging that's done for
users using IMAP4 or POP3 to fetch their mail.

Best Regards,
Andy Schmidt

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Webmail in V 9 & 10 uses IIS so the associated logs would be what ever the =
IIS logging is configured for the site within IIS.John T
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