I'm using it windows mobile device and I'm using imap to get my mail.
Works well, including SSL access with the Imail signed certificate.


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> Hello Everyone -
> I guess 'tis the season for smart phones?  I have had several people
> over
> the past week email and call with questions about setting up smart
> phones to
> get their email.  This isn't totally uncommon, but in the past they
> emailed
> me for their settings and then had the provider help them set it up.
> Now
> they are coming to me.  I'm sure I could figure it out, but it got me
> thinking about what the "typical" way of setting them up is.  Are
> people
> POPing mail to their phone?  Leaving a copy on the server for their
> desktop?
> Using IMAP?
> I have one person in the process now.  They had been getting everything
> to
> their desktop, and would like that to be an option.  So I said we may
> want
> to use IMAP for both then.  However if we had a large amount of people
> suddenly do this, I would wonder what hit the server would take?
> Thanks for any thoughts!
> Todd
> PS - Still running Imail 8.2x
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