Thanks everyone for your responses.  It's odd, and funny at the same time,
that some of my "less-technical" end-users are getting more techie than I
am.  That's what happens they are taken by a "Storm".  On the other hand, I
AM techie enough that don't want to get my email everywhere!  


I have a few users who are set up to leave a copy on the server.  It's been
working ok, but I wasn't sure whether that was the best way to do it, or to
use IMAP.  I have only suggested IMAP to a few people as, like others say,
you get several people with a few GB and suddenly you can run out of room.
So I think I will use the "leave on server" method as several suggested and
be done with it.


I also understand that Verizon has a sync method which I have heard is good.
Unfortunately, a lot of these people are using laptops too, and want their
phone set up as a convenience.  So their mail client wouldn't always be on.


Thanks again for your feedback!!!





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We recommend everyone leave messages for 10 days on all devices so
everything goes everywhere. IMAP is nice but when  your users are sucking up
2+ GB's of space each you run out of storage pretty quickly.




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