Something similar has happened to us, we found that we were using for SPAM, users had the same name as your password. And used for SPAM.
Also limited to 70 and number of recipients per message .....

Looks at the queue, you may be being used for spam, that is why 1600 will appear in the queue.

Greetings and Happy New Year 2009.

Chris Ulrich escribió:
We're still experiencing problems with iMail. I did the log change suggested and it worked for a while. We no longer have "locked up logs"

However, a large number of users are seeing problems both sending and receiving messages. We can't find anything telling in the logs, the DNS seems to be working properly with third party tests, we're not on any black lists, etc. The problem is sporadic and both with incoming and outgoing messages. Sometimes we'll see 100 files in the spool folder, other times 1600. A restart, 10 minutes later, back down to 50.

We're at a loss here and are unfortunately now looking at other platforms because we just can't seem to get this resolved.

Any suggestions on anything worth checking we may be missing?

Thanks, and Happy New Year!

- Chris

At 03:04 AM 11/18/2008, you wrote:

I have reported that problem on June, 11th on this list. In my case it
happened with IMail Premium V10. I tried all the things you did - and
with the same result.

What I did then was to change the logging config of SMTP and POP3. I do
not use "Log Server" as logging target but "SYSMMDD.txt" instead. That
works for me.

Not a solution but a workaround...



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