I have Blackberry users and I have a rule that sends a copy of any emails that haven't been flagged as spam to the user's BB email address. Works great and doesn't require the user to do any thinking (the source of many of my problems).

Todd Richards wrote:

Thanks everyone for your responses. It’s odd, and funny at the same time, that some of my “less-technical” end-users are getting more techie than I am. That’s what happens they are taken by a “Storm”. On the other hand, I AM techie enough that don’t want to get my email everywhere!

I have a few users who are set up to leave a copy on the server. It’s been working ok, but I wasn’t sure whether that was the best way to do it, or to use IMAP. I have only suggested IMAP to a few people as, like others say, you get several people with a few GB and suddenly you can run out of room. So I think I will use the “leave on server” method as several suggested and be done with it.

I also understand that Verizon has a sync method which I have heard is good. Unfortunately, a lot of these people are using laptops too, and want their phone set up as a convenience. So their mail client wouldn’t always be on.

Thanks again for your feedback!!!


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We recommend everyone leave messages for 10 days on all devices so everything goes everywhere. IMAP is nice but when your users are sucking up 2+ GB's of space each you run out of storage pretty quickly.


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