John Doyle wrote:
Why not go in and block the address range at the firewall and leave it at
that. I've had some pretty nasty people do the same thing you're seeing and
ended up at this. I had some luck with declude and message sniffer, but
these sort of folks are pretty agile and hard to stop. Mine were from China.
I do firewall off address ranges, but that's not a long-term solution. In the last six weeks, these have come from five different, wholly-unrelated address blocks. And I don't wish to block Nigerian users from viewing my customers' Web sites, for example, or my users from viewing any content hosted there. My goal is to create the least-intrusive solution possible. Thus, blocking the IP space by, say, adding a couple hundred new rules to iptables and blocking the whole country from my whole network, would be inappropriate.

I can't readily think of a more appropriate place to perform these checks, except maybe by modifying the Imail Web interface itself to use a geolocation database, but I'm not sure if that's even possible.

David Smith

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