I am using Covad Wireless for my sole access provider for my server. Lately, there have been problems connecting (radio interference between my satellite and the receiver) and they have stated that it's their fault.

I've been thinking about an easy way to add another connection to my router for those very few times that my Covad connection drops. My server is in my home and so I'm trying to connect my home network (RCN - a cable provider in the Bay Area) to the server's router.

My RCN (home) account has 5 static IPs. But setting up the DNS records is a bit confusing. I can't use the RCN static IP address in my MX record obviously, but I don't have a domain like "mail.rcn.com" from RCN - just the 5 static IPs. Is it possible to use some random domain like "backup.mydomain.com" in my MX record and then in my A record add "backup.mydomain.com" to point to the RCN static IP? I would set that up with a higher priority number so it only gets accessed when my primary MX record (which points to my Covad IP) is down. Would that work?

Also, I have an A record that points to my Covad IP for http requests (I host both my webserver and my mail server on the same box). Since A records don't have priority levels, if I add another A record pointing to my RCN IP address, will http requests coming into my domain automatically try the first IP address listed in the record list (in this case Covad), or will it be random? I would like www.mydomain.com http requests to go through my Covad account if it's live, but my RCN account if it's not.

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