For v10, IPswitch announced "domain forwarding" (of course, this was always
an option, as long as you were willing to manipulate the HOSTS file and add
IP addresses to the access lists). 

I can't figure out what this new feature is supposed to do/do differently.
The manual doesn't contain anything useful, other than the typical waste of
time created by technical writers, like:

"Use the Domain Forwarding Add page to add a domain name that you want
forwarded to another IP Address."

Gee - you think? 

Anyway, I added a domain to the domain forwarding list, with the IP address
of the mail server that handles that domain. It created the binary file.
If the domain is not set up in Imail as a host or alias, then inbound email
is rejected. So that's ONE possible way how forwarding might have worked,
but does not. Next, I did create the domain locally and set up a sample
mailbox. Now the email was accepted, but it was "ldelivered" to my Imail
mailbox, NOT forwarded to the specified IP address.

So WHAT has to be in place where so that domain forwarding actually will do
anything useful? The true function of this feature and its prerequisites
have to be explained in the manual - don't bother just stating the obvious.
Technical writers are supposed to question developers until THEY understand
so that they can document a new feature for paying customers. "Use <add
domain> to add a domain" (I'm paraphrasing) is not documentation, it's

Best Regards,
Andy Schmidt

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