Hi Everyone -

After our move, I'm still having a few issues sending to a couple of people.
One of the last things I did was set up a Microsoft cache-only DNS server.
Everything seems to be working ok with that.  Today I tried to send a
message to someone, and it was returned.  So I started looking around
through the log files.  What I found was a line like this:

11:04 10:20 SMTPD(7632016d0000fe6d) [x] looking up excels.com in HOSTS
11:04 10:20 SMTPD(7632016d0000fe6d) [] DATA

The problem is that is an IP address from the old network
(and it appears that there is Reverse DNS associated with it).  I see there
is still a record in our externally hosted DNS for nnepa21.nnepa.com which
points to this IP.  I'm just not sure what it was there for, and why I'm
still looking it up from my mail server.  

I'm guessing that I need to remove the record from DNS.  But if the mail
server or other DNS servers are using it (the logs are littered with a call
to that IP address), then what else do I need to do to exorcise that demon?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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