Nick Hayer wrote:
I suppose I could start filtering all my network's outgoing mail - my Imail server, and a few other ones, all smarthost/gateway their email through one central server here, basically for ease of logging. I could make that server start spam-scanning too, if I had to. I'd rather prevent the spam from getting into my network in the first place, but this is probably an acceptable alternative.
Not a solution ala probably just an annoying question :) If these are all hacked accounts - can you not just change passwords - and to ones that are more difficult to guess?
I'm doing that. Since I'm getting one or two of these a week, though, and I don't know about them until after they've sent out a few thousand emails, by the time I can fix that, the damage already is done. I'd rather be pro-active more than reactive in this case.

David Smith

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