> If they would know the passwords, they would do the job much faster
> with SMTP.

Not at all. The very fact that we've had to debate what David needs to
solve  this  problem  proves  that  they  have chosen a mechanism less
likely  to  have  anti-hijacking already in place. And there's nothing
faster  than  using  a  submission  protocol  which  is not policed as
opposed to one that frequently is....

Submission  over HTTP itself may have some more overhead byte-for-byte
(HTTP headers, etc.), but bots've got plenty of bandwidth for that.

> These Spammers are not so stupid to do everythink by hand, if they
> could just start Outlook express to do the job.

I  agree  that I am skeptical about the literal cut-and-paste concept,
but HTTP is as easily automated as SMTP.

> Which country will be next to be excluded? China? Russia? US?

> If you really want to do it, this should be a job for a firewall.

This  is  a  job for an IPS, not a general country-based firewall ACL.
But  the  IPS  should  ideally  be  "learning"  about  bad traffic and
filtering  based  on  behavior,  not  by  country.  It  could then add
firewall ACLs accordingly.


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