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I did know about Mark, but that doesn't explain why ftp.cac.washington.edu is 

I'd guess that's either an "oops" that nobody there has noticed yet or a conscious decision to shut down something that they've long deprecated.

I did find that the Greek mirror is up, so the files are available.

The one I was interested in is imap.tar.Z, which is available from Greece.

Panda could be interesting, but if I want TOPS-20, I use the one at LCM.

What I was actually interested in, is a program that will bulk download the 
whole mail file from an imap server.

Seems to me that should be easy to do with the iMAP toolkit, but also that 
someone else might have done it.

What specifically are you trying to do?

In the old UW imap kit there was a directory 'imap-utils' that contained a bunch of small utilities: chkmail dmail icat ifrom imapcopy imapxfer mbxcopy mbxcreat mbxcvt mlock tmail

When Mark updated his distro he re-organized things (made tmail dmail mlock have their own directories, merged the functionality of chkmail imapxfer mbxcopy mbxcreat into a single utility "mailutil", and dropped those that he didn't think important enough to support, icat ifrom).

All of those tools are predicated on the "c-client" kit.
So I'd suggest getting a modern imap kit, build it and look at 'mailutil' to see if it will do what you need.

If you're interested in looking at the sources of those old imap-utils (EG icat, ifrom, etc) I can put them up for download.


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