On Sun, Jul 31, 2011 at 09:58, Saravanan
<saravanan.thirumuruganat...@mavs.uta.edu> wrote:
> I am trying to write some Ubuntu Unity lens using IMDBPy.

Great!  Let me know when it's done!

> For this purpose, I need only genre information. I took a look at the code and
> did not find any get_movie_genre kinda function. So currently, I am
> using ia.update(x,"main") . Is there anyway to just the genre information?

There's no way to get only the 'genres' key; you're doing right, asking for
only the 'main' info set (after that, you can access the 'genres' key of the
Movie object).

If you're worried about performances, you can consider using the
'mobile' data access system (i.e.: ia = imdb.IMDb('mobile') ) and
leaving the rest of your code untouched.
It should be slightly faster, but... I notice right now that it fails
to parse the 'genres' key.  I have to fix it. :-)

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