I'm attempting to transform the IMDb text files (acquired from one of
the mirrors today) into a mySQL database using imdbpy2sql (the latest
version from Mercurial). Something goes wrong, though, and my knowledge
of Python/MySQL isn't sufficient to find out what the cause of the error
is. Any pointers? Here's the error message, which I get right after
trying to execute the Python script.

NOTICE: IF you're using InnoDB tables, data insertion can
be very slow; you can switch to MyISAM tables - forcing it
with the --mysql-force-myisam option - OR use the
--mysql-innodb command line option, but DON'T USE these if
you're already working on MyISAM tables, because it will
force MySQL to use InnoDB, and performances will be poor.

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "imdbpy2sql.py", line 1675, in <module>
    CACHE_MID_AKAS = AkasMoviesCache()
  File "imdbpy2sql.py", line 1636, in __init__
    MoviesCache.__init__(self, *args, **kdws)
  File "imdbpy2sql.py", line 990, in __init__
  File "imdbpy2sql.py", line 598, in createSQLstr
    colNames.append(colName(table, col))
  File "imdbpy2sql.py", line 543, in colName
    return table.sqlmeta.columns[column].dbName
KeyError: 'md5sum'

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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