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<davide.alber...@gmail.com> wrote:

>> I was originally asking if there were a way to set a timeout to  
>> retrieving
>> film info. Is there some internal timeout in imdbpy after which it justs
>> gives up?
> My fault: I misunderstood the problem.
> No, IMDbPY uses urllib, and it doesn't provide a way to set
> a timeout.  urllib2 has it, but only in very recent python versions,
> so I'd prefer not to use it (and, by the way, a conversion from urllib
> to urllib2 would take me some time).

>> I found a way to do this on in internet:
>> import signal
> Yes, it's more or less reasonable, but I want to think twice about
> it, before I introduce an alarm in the IMDbPY code... after
> all i's a library and it could heavily interfere with signal handling
> made by the programs that uses it. :-(
Well, I think this'd better stay in programs that use IMDbPy, for the very  
reasons you stated.

> Real point is, it's very strange that it happens so methodically on
> your system... I think I've never seen it hangs during a request.
Yeap, it does not happen always, but pretty often. Usually, trying to run  
it one or two more times is enough, but the program needs to know that it  
has failed, so that is why I am asking about this. I am running this in  
ipython console, just the commands I stated (import and then I call  

> Anyway, if you can try to put _before_ IMDb is imported/instanced this:
>   import socket
>   socket.setdefaulttimeout(10)
> With that, at least the 'open' should fail after at most 10 seconds.
Hm, this seems to work, thanks!

BTW: when it hangs and I stop it with ctrl+C, this is what ipython tells  

in get_movie(self, movieID, info, modFunct)
     408         if modFunct is not None:
     409             movie.set_mod_funct(modFunct)
--> 410         self.update(movie, info)
     411         return movie

in update(self, mop, info, override)
     769                 method = lambda *x: {}
     770             try:
--> 771                 ret = method(mopID)
     772             except Exception, e:
     773                 self._imdb_logger.critical('caught an exception  
retrieving ' \

in get_movie_main(self, movieID)
     484     def get_movie_main(self, movieID):
--> 485         cont = self._retrieve(self.urls['movie_main'] % movieID +  
     486         return self.mProxy.movie_parser.parse(cont,  

in _retrieve(self, url, size, _noCookies)
     430         self._http_logger.debug('fetching url %s (size: %d)', url,  
     431         try:
--> 432             ret = self.urlOpener.retrieve_unicode(url, size=size)
     433         finally:
     434             if _noCookies and _cookies:

in retrieve_unicode(self, url, size)
     193             if PY_VERSION > (2, 3) and not IN_GAE:
     194                 kwds['size'] = size
--> 195             content = uopener.read(**kwds)
     196             self._last_url = uopener.url
     197             # Maybe the server is so nice to tell us the charset...

/usr/lib/python2.7/socket.pyc in read(self, size)
     349             while True:
     350                 try:
--> 351                     data = self._sock.recv(rbufsize)
     352                 except error, e:
     353                     if e.args[0] == EINTR:


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