I don't think this is related to the recent changes in IMDB, and
happens with both 4.8.2-2 code on my Debian box and recent head.  I
think it's just dealing with flaky data in a funny manner.

>>> i = imdb.IMDb()
>>> m = i.get_movie('0059346')
>>> for aka in m.get('akas', []):
...   print aka
Invasion of Astro-Monster::International (English title) (imdb display
title), USA (imdb display title)
Battle of the Astros" -
Godzilla vs. Monster Zero::USA (video title)
Invasion of Planet X" -
Invasion of the Astro-Monsters::UK (TV title)
Kaijû daisenso Kingughidorah tai Gojira::Japan (reissue title)
Monster Zero::USA
The Great Monster War" -
War of the Monsters:: (literal English title)
Befehl aus dem Dunkel::Germany (DVD title), West Germany
Astro-terata epitithentai::Greece (video title)
Avaruushirviöt hyökkäävät::Finland
Invasion planète X::France
Inwazja potworów::Poland (imdb display title)
L'invasione degli astromostri::Italy
Los monstruos invaden la Tierra::Spain
Mystiki vasis AZ-3, epiheirisis Keravnos::Greece (transliterated
ISO-LATIN-1 title)

The ones ending with " -   all have this at

Battle of the Astros    (undefined)
Invasion of Planet X    (undefined)
The Great Monster War   (undefined)


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