I am running imdbpy2sql.py using IMDbPY 4.9. It hangs on FLUSHING
MoviesCache for hours, is that normal? The message is as follows:

C:\Python27\Scripts>C:\Python27\python imdbpy2sql.py -d E:\百度网盘\我的文档\tra
nsfer_context\IMDB -u mysql://root:127078@localhost:3306/imdb

NOTICE: IF you're using InnoDB tables, data insertion can
be very slow; you can switch to MyISAM tables - forcing it
with the --mysql-force-myisam option - OR use the
--mysql-innodb command line option, but DON'T USE these if
you're already working on MyISAM tables, because it will
force MySQL to use InnoDB, and performances will be poor.

IMPORTING psyco... FAILED (not a big deal, everything is alright...)

RUNNING imdbpy2sql.py using the sqlobject ORM
SAVING imdbID values for movies... missing "title" table (ok if this is the firs
t run)
SAVING imdbID values for people... missing "name" table (ok if this is the first
SAVING imdbID values for characters... missing "char_name" table (ok if this is
the first run)
SAVING imdbID values for companies... missing "company_name" table (ok if this i
s the first run)
DROPPING current database... DONE!
CREATING new tables... DONE!
# TIME dropping and recreating the database : 0min, 5sec (wall) 0min, 0sec (user
) 0min, 0sec (system)
SCANNING movies: !Women Art Revolution (2010) (movieID: 1)
SCANNING movies: "360° - Die GEO-Reportage" (1999) {Die Waldbahn der Karpaten}
(movieID: 10001)
SCANNING movies: "A Good Knight's Quest" (2010) {(#1.15)} (movieID: 20001)
SCANNING movies: "Access Hollywood" (1996) {(#1.39)} (movieID: 30001)
SCANNING movies: "Akkulaturit" (1995) {Akulla koreasti! (#1.8)} (movieID: 40001)

SCANNING movies: "All Together Now" (1991) {Joy to the World (#2.23)} (movieID:
SCANNING movies: "American Builder" (2004) {Curve Street: Landscaping (#2.32)} (
movieID: 60001)
SCANNING movies: "Animaniacs" (1993) {Of Course You Know, This Means Warners/Up
a Tree/Wakko's Gizmo (#1.57)} (movieID: 70001)
SCANNING movies: "Aquí hay trabajo" (2000) {(2008-02-08)} (movieID: 80001)
SCANNING movies: "Assignment Foreign Legion" (1956) {The Deserter (#1.22)} (movi
eID: 90001)
 * FLUSHING MoviesCache...
SCANNING movies: "Bachelor Father" (1957) {What Men Don't Know (#5.34)} (movieID
: 100001)
SCANNING movies: "Baywatch" (1989) {The Killing Machine (#10.22)} (movieID: 1100
SCANNING movies: "Bernstein/Beethoven" (1982) (movieID: 120001)
SCANNING movies: "Bingles" (1992) {(#1.5)} (movieID: 130001)
SCANNING movies: "Bobinas" (2006) {Premios Oscar (#6.79)} (movieID: 140001)
SCANNING movies: "Breakfast" (2000) {(2011-04-29)} (movieID: 150001)
SCANNING movies: "By?in e ik?!" (2006) {(#1.33)} (movieID: 160001)
SCANNING movies: "Capital Lives" (1994) {Sweet (#2.5)} (movieID: 170001)
SCANNING movies: "CBS News Up to the Minute" (1992) {(2009-03-16)} (movieID: 180
SCANNING movies: "Chez F.O.G." (2006) {(2008-02-16)} (movieID: 190001)
 * FLUSHING MoviesCache...
SCANNING movies: "Cinéma cinémas" (1982) {Lettres d'un cinéaste...} (movieID: 20
SCANNING movies: "Coach Trip" (2005) {Pamplona, Spain (#6.12)} (movieID: 210002)

SCANNING movies: "Connexió Barcelona" (2009) {(#3.107)} (movieID: 220002)
SCANNING movies: "Coronation Street" (1960) {(#1.4551)} (movieID: 230002)
SCANNING movies: "Countdown" (1982) {(#56.91)} (movieID: 240002)
SCANNING movies: "Csalfa Karma" (2011) {(#1.15)} (movieID: 250002)
SCANNING movies: "Dancing with the Stars" (2005/I) {Round Two: Results Show (#8.
5)} (movieID: 260002)
SCANNING movies: "Days of Our Lives" (1965) {(#1.10229)} (movieID: 270002)
SCANNING movies: "Deadliest Catch" (2005) {Get 'Em Back Safe! (#4.1)} (movieID:
SCANNING movies: "Der Mondb?r" (2007) {Der Mondberg (#2.21)} (movieID: 290002)
 * FLUSHING MoviesCache...

And then it just stays there for hours. Is it normal? What should I do with it?
Anyone done this successfully?

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