Imdb users,

I work for a complex network research center and a couple of my users want
to use the public imdb database for some studies. They wish to import the
imdb plain text files into a mysql database.

I have followed this guide:
I downloaded the plain text data files from one of the mirrors on this

I used the program (version 4.9) to populate the database but
my researchers are telling me some data is missing. Is there supposed to be
a table to each corresponding .gz file in the ftp mirror? For example,
there are actors and actresses list .gz files but there are no actors or
actresses tables in my sql database. I followed the guide exactly, using
SQLObject, and changing the mySQL database character set to utf8. Not sure
if I am doing something wrong, what would you recommend for the best way to
get the latest imdb database imported into a mysql?


*Joseph De Nicolo*
*Systems & Data Administrator*
*Center for Complex Network Research <>*

*Northeastern University*
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