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> I am interested in downloading all film award data (Academy Awards, BAFTA,
> Golden Globes, Sundance, WGA, etc....) in order to build an awards dataset.
> Is it achievable using imdbpy?

in theory you can access information about awards for both movies
and persons, using IMDbPY.
For a movie, you should use something like:
import imdb
ia = imdb.IMDb()
tm = ia.get_movie('0133093') # The Matrix
ia.update(tm, 'awards')
print tm['awards']

The awards information are *not* available for download in the plain text data
files distribuited by IMDb.

At the beginning, I said "in theory" because right now the awards page
on IMDb has changed enough that our parser is currently broken. :-(

It can be found in the DOMHTMLAwardsParser of the imdb.parser.http.movieParser
Unfortunately, in the foreseable future I will not have much time to fix it, but
as always, if anyone wants to help, I can give some hints about how to proceed.

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