On Mon, Feb 9, 2015 at 9:27 PM, Larry Buchanan <larryb...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm wondering about support for writing credits. I've been able to retrieve
> actor/actress information, but I can't seem to retrieve writing credits —
> getting all of the movies/tv shows a given person ID has written for.
> any ideas on if/how this would be possible? It's very possible I'm missing
> something incredibly simple and obvious.

Can you provide an example of code that is not working?

I can see the writing credits, here:

>>> import imdb
>>> ia = imdb.IMDb()
>>> tm = ia.get_movie('0133093')
>>> print sorted(tm.keys())
['akas', u'animation department', u'art department', 'art direction',
'aspect ratio', 'assistant director', 'camera and electrical
department', 'canonical title', 'cast', u'casting department',
'casting director', 'certificates', 'cinematographer', 'color info',
u'costume department', 'costume designer', 'countries', 'country
codes', 'cover url', 'director', u'distributors', 'editor',
u'editorial department', 'full-size cover url', 'genres', 'kind',
'language codes', 'languages', 'long imdb canonical title', 'long imdb
title', 'make up', 'miscellaneous companies', 'miscellaneous crew',
'mpaa', u'music department', 'original music', 'plot', 'plot outline',
'producer', u'production companies', 'production design', 'production
manager', 'rating', 'runtimes', 'set decoration', 'smart canonical
title', 'smart long imdb canonical title', 'sound crew', 'sound mix',
'special effects companies', u'special effects department', 'stunt
performer', 'title', 'top 250 rank', u'transportation department',
'visual effects', 'votes', 'writer', 'year']
>>> print tm.get('writer')
[<Person id:0905152[http] name:_Wachowski, Andy_>, <Person
id:0905154[http] name:_Wachowski, Lana_>]

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