i was trying to install imdbpy and ran into some errors any help would be
so helpful . iam attaching the error log
thanks in advance

Processing dependencies for IMDbPY==5.0


  Aaargh!  An error!  An error!
  Curse my metal body, I wasn't fast enough.  It's all my fault!

  Anyway, if you were trying to build a package or install IMDbPY to your
  system, looks like we're unable to fetch or install some dependencies,
  or to compile the C module.

  The best solution is to resolve these dependencies (maybe you're
  not connected to Internet?) and/or install a C compiler.

  You may, however, go on without some optional pieces of IMDbPY;
  try re-running this script with the corresponding optional argument:

      --without-lxml        exclude lxml (speeds up 'http')
      --without-cutils      don't compile the C module (speeds up 'sql')
      --without-sqlobject   exclude SQLObject  (you need at least one of)
      --without-sqlalchemy  exclude SQLAlchemy (SQLObject or SQLAlchemy,)
                                               (if you want to access a )
                                               (local SQL database      )
      --without-sql         no access to SQL databases (implied if both
                            --without-sqlobject and --without-sqlalchemy
                            are used)

      python ./setup.py --without-lxml --without-sql install

  The caught exception, is re-raise below:

error: Installed distribution SQLAlchemy 1.0.6 conflicts with requirement
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